Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sorry Its been a while :)

Hi all, Mummy's busy moving house at the moment and has no Internet connection :(,
so its up to me to update with all the goings on.

Not entirely sure what I'm meant to be saying, so please bare with me :). Although i am currently at the other end of Wales to my mum, i do know that she and Milo are training again, after a short break, big things like moving house always seem to come around at the wrong time lol.
Fund raising for the walk is up and running all over the country with family members and friends very kindly being our spokes people.
The planning of the walk its self is really quite exciting, and we are really enjoying sorting everything out. Campsites are the next stage for us to organise, i really cant wait.
I would just to add a personal message to my mummy, to say thankyou for what you are doing, thankyou for me and for all the children and parents who will get support through Action Medical Research, I love you. xx
I will update soon on the goings on, but until then keep safe, Charlie