Friday, 27 November 2009

Winter Walks :)

Its getting chilly now, so we have pulled out the warm hats, cosy socks and gloves and are powering on with the training. Nothing can beat an evening on the beach all wrapped with a couple of dogs, mummy has been telling me all about it, she's having a lovely time.
Nothing to important to report, fund raising is steady but will be really kicking off over and after Christmas.
Both mummy and I are busy busy busy other than the walk organisation, I have my uni course, which isn't leaving me with much energy lol. Mummy has her uni and the community shop in Cemaes bay, which she does a lot for.

The dogs are slowing getting
fit, Milo is enjoying his walks meeting new friends, i think if he new what was a head of him, all of the new people, he would be a little more excited about the training! Mac's training is on hold as he has been a little unwell, waiting for test results to come back from the vets, but right now he is on sofa and garden rest. As for Treacle well, she is sleeping, wagging her tail when she thinks there's food or someone to talk too and sleeping, all that she needs to do, she will be with me for the walk. She has got joints that get too sore if she walks for long periods. She is a Pets As Therapy dog who is just about to turn 10, so doesn't being on the side lines for the younger pair as long as she gets plenty of cuddles :) :)

Have a Lovely Weekend, Mummy shall be the next to update,

Charlie xxx