Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Well, Charlie's gone back to Swansea - she started Uni yesterday. The house is very quiet and very empty! I'm moving house in about three weeks so there are half packed boxes everywhere. It makes it difficult to get out walking but I'll catch up with the training as soon as the moving is over. I'm very excited about the new house - it'll be so snug and warm, unlike my present home which has wonderful views across the sea and to the mountains, but is bitterly cold with a constant breeze blowing through it.
Charlie will be talking to her tutors now she's back to decide what to do for the best with regard to her course. She wants to be involved with the walk and to be honest it will be very difficult to do it without her - trying to organise support vehicle drivers for 99 days would be nigh on impossible. It now looks certain that the walk will start in March, finishing early/mid June, then we can book appointments for the Chiari Institute in July. That way, even with quite prolonged treatment, Charlie will be b ack to resume her degree at the end of September. I may have mentioned that in my last blog, but it wasn't as certain then. The boots and socks are still as comfy as ever. I still can't believe that a new pair of boots could be so comfy so quckly - not even a slightly red patch after the first wearing and now I can wear them all day and forget I have anything on my feet. I'm going to get some more socks when I've saved up enough, but I can't decide whether to go for a different colour since red seems to work so well.
Got to go pack another box, there's still a scarily huge amount still to do.
Back soon, Susan

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Back again!

Well, it's been a while...
I had a rotten cold followed by another infection which laid me really low, so the training was set back and everything was such an effort - I know, weak excuse, but the only one I have!
Lots to report on now.
Firstly, I've been in touch with The Chiari Institute, the clinic that we'd like Charlie to go to. I sent them a copy of an MRI scan of her head, a brief recent medical history and an explanation of why I'd written. Had an email back two days later with an eight page questionnaire attached for Charlie to complete, about all the symptoms she has - this was followed by another email stating that the doctors had reviewed Charlie's case and felt she was definitely a candidate for their specialised centre. I was asked to send any relevant medical letters, reports that I had access to and another email from them reiterated that they would see her as soon as possible.
Secondly, having discussed the walk, New York, University et al with Charlotte we realised that by starting the walk in June, we would not be able to go to the US until September - which would be the beginning of her third year, not a good idea. By starting the walk in March, we will have the summer to visit the Institute and Charlie will be ready to start University again at the end of September. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that March 'comes in like a lion', cos then it'll 'go out like a lamb' which will be much more pleasant for walking in!!!
We've started collecting sponsorship and people have been very generous. Long way to go yet, but we'll get there.
Just to add to all the chaos, I'm moving house in four weeks. I'll be in a warmer house without the need for heavy buckets of coal to try to keep warm. I'll also have easy access to lots of great walks, especially around the Anglesey coast path - a wonderful training ground for The Two Million Steps.
I've been advised that I will have to 'get out there' and really publicise the walk - not too good at that sort of thing, anyone any ideas how I should go about it? I mange to get it into most conversation now, even with total strangers at the Breakwater Country Park in Holyhead where I do my voluntary bit for the North Wales Wildlife Trust. If anyone should chance to call in on a friday afternoon (until end october) I make a good cuppa and apparently my hot chocolate is second to none.