Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dreaming of the Walk!

Well Hello all,

I cant believe its the 26th already lol, its getting very exciting, the house is full of maps and paper stuck to everything and anything, it might sound and look a little chaotic but i believe everything is under control and in hand.
As we have been planning and organising for a while now, the thought and expectations have reached a point that i feel are unbeatable, although i would imagine the night of the 2nd March will be incredible. We are all dreaming of parts of the walk, no nightmares as yet! :).

Campsites and press releases are the aim of the game right now, lets see how many people we can get supporting us and maybe even walking with us.

The dogs training is on hold right now, as Mac is still unwell and little Milo has a poorly paw...:(. These mutts just cant hack the solid training, being done by Camo Stig and mummy, too much of the good life me thinks!! Will keep you up to date with the progress.

For now its good bye from me and well good bye from the other lot.

Charlie xxxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

parcels, maps and laminators!

Hello again,
What a busy week - lots of post bringing all sorts of goodies we'd ordered, and lots of squinting at maps and making a single map for each day of the walk, each one laminated (someone told me it rains in the West Country) and numbered with the right day.
Anyway, the post - a huge parcel came with the tent, of the pop-up variety, silver survival blankets, just-in-case apparently, and loads of Kendal Mintcake, for the driver, I'm told, not the walkers. There was also a large package with several OS maps and so the printer and laminator went into overdrive. Charlie, Roz and I were beginning to see maps in our sleep but now they're all done and ready.
We're sorting out campsites now and have had a few offers of free pitches which is wonderfully generous. If anyone's looking for a good site, take a look at the two million steps web site where we'll be putting links to all of them.
Been a tricky time with Charlie's support dog, Mac, lately. He's been a bit poorly, seen a vet in Swansea and then our vet here on Anglesey and finally sent to the Liverpool University Small Animal Hospital. We took him there yesterday and Charlie's been a bit lost since as he had to stay in. I'll let you know how he gets on as soon as we know more, but I'm sure he'll be sorted and well in time for the walk.
Well, boring stuff to do now like washing and housework,
Tata for now,
Susan x
PS still no reply from Mr Clifford so I guess we're just too small fry for him! Nevermind, we'll manage - as Charlie keeps saying, 'we only need one million people to give us 20p and we'vedone it'. Sounds easy when you put it like that.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Hi all,
It's quite late on sunday evening and thought I should update - been quite an eventful day.
Roz came a-visiting this morning. Roz is a friend I met with her partner Matt when we started up Cemaes Village Venture, which, by the way, is just about the best thing I ever got involved in; a group of like minded people who wanted to do something constructive with an empty shop in the middle of the village. We set up the Village Venture, selling a variety of crafts with some bric-a-brac and secondhand books too. It's been a great success and we're no!!!w almost at the end of our first year and so will very soon be asking the village how they would like the money spent since the whole idea is to plough our success back into the village. I hope that those who have looked less than favourably on our efforts will be able to see then that we are serious about what we are doing and that we are doing it for the good of village ultimately (even if we are enjoying ourselves too!)
Anyway, back to Roz' visit. The long and short of it is - she's walking with us! I suspect she thinks that a pair of hopelessly chaotic and ridiculously optimistic less-than-able idiots like Charlie and I need some sort of sensible guidance and support. She's right of course, but she's as daft as us! She suggested she might rein me back if I'm looking like overdoing things, but actually it'll be when the self doubt kicks in that she will be invaluable - to deliver a swift kick to the derriere! It's going to be great fun with the three of us loons attacking such a big challenge and as a self confessed 'people person' I am very glad to have the company and moral support. I hope lots of people decide to join us at different parts of the walk, whether just for a day or even a week - who knows this could end up being a ninety nine day party with a little walking thrown in!
By the way, haven't heard from Max Clifford, but still hoping - the postman comes again tomorrow.
Bye for now,
Susan x

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

A very happy New Year to anyone reading this!
I'm back on the blog at last - moved house, got swine flu and then had to wait ages for my internet connection, so before I knew it Charlie was home from Uni and Christmas was upon us.
Just been out for a walk with Milo and Mac. Treacle's arthritis is a bit iffy at the moment so she stayed at home. It had been snowing earlier, in mini snowballs, so our walk was a bit crunchy in places, sloshy in others and slippy everywhere. Treacle has started on some new supplements and also some pain-killer/anti-inflammatory too and I think it's beginning to have some effect.

Christmas was great. Bit quiet at times with just Charlie and I for Christmas day but what we lacked in people we made up for in dogs - Milo, Treacle and Mac were joined by my mothers dogs, Tara and Will from 23rd to 30th, and then on Boxing Day my son Alex and his girlfriend came with their 12 month old Bassett Hound, Pumpkin. Six mutts in this little house was a bit over the top but fun all the same.
Starting to work seriously on publicity for the walk now Christmas is over - drafting letters to local papers to start with and also wrote a letter to Max Clifford to ask for some advice. I figured that when it comes to publicity he's about as good as it gets so he'll know how we should go about it all. Just hope he has time to answer and point us in the right direction. The start date is looming very close now - very exciting and a bit scary too!
Time to think about feeding the dogs and then feeding us humans too.
Bye for now,