Thursday, 10 June 2010

Made it!!!

Well..... I know I said I would but who would have believed it, eh?

I've only gone and walked the whole length of the longest long distance footpath in Britain.

Interesting last day, walked along Swanage seafront and up the hill to Ballard Down and then along the cliff top to Old Harry Rocks. They are dazzlingly white rock stacks, not surprising since they are made of chalk, but very bright in the sunshine, looking as good as a picture postcard.

Met lots of people to talk to, many of whom popped a few coins, and in one case a note, into my collecting box. Then down to Studland and along the beach to the finish. The last mile is a naturist beach and I kept wanting to giggle as so many of the men on the beach, noticing dressed people walking along the shore, suddenly felt the need to stand up and stretch, turning from left to right although searching for something in the distance.

Got to South Haven Point to be met by Charlie and Colin with hooters, streamers and a huge bunch of balloons - great fun. There were lots of people about who all applauded when told what I had just done. I could used to that feeling, but I'm not walking 630 miles again for it, I'd rather go without at the moment.

Just getting back to the car to find a couple by a car very concerned about a little dog inside, obviously distressed in the heat. I said I had seen two people leaving the car earlier and that had been about 45 minutes ago. The dog was looking quite poorly so I called the RSPCA who asked that I stay with the car and dog until they arrived. Then they phoned to say that the police would get there sooner but I must stay, so I did, but it was two hours after leaving the dog that the owners returned and instead of opening the car to check on her they stood and argued with the policeman that their dog always looked that way, with a swollen dry tongue hanging from the side of her mouth, panting heavily. Eventually one of the other bystanders just lost her rag and said, 'just open the b***** car and when told it was her mothers dog and fine, the same person said ' put your mother in there then and leave her for two hours!' Needless to say we all decided that our job was now done and some people just can't be told, so we all drifted away. At least the little dog was ok in the end.

Time to get on, got to get packed up and ready to move on.

It feels great to have got to the end of this marathon and I really am very grateful to all of you for your continued belief that I could actually do it, so THANK YOU!

See you all real soon,

Love Susan xxx

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