Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Nearly there!!!

hello everyone,

Day 98 and today i'm walking from St Aldhelm's head to Swanage, that means even allowing for the little bit i have to do afterwards that i'm well over the 600 mile mark :).

It feels amazing but i cant quite believe that i have walked as far as i have, Milo has been a great companion and its always him that starts conversations with people we meet.

My brother Colin is doing the last three days with me, but yesterdays 169 stone steps down from Hounstout nearly finished him off! He hasn't turned up yet from his B&B, so don't know how much of today's he is going to be able to do!

Yesterday i actually walked through my painting! I have a painting by a local artist, Paddy, and i walked into the edge of my painting, up to the chapel at St Aldhelm's head and today i start by walking out of the other side of the painting.

It rained last night, in fact it rained cats and dogs and i know they were cats and dogs because i could hear huge paws landing on the tent.....all night! Its still trying to rain this morning so there will be a constant rustle of waterproofs along the path, drowning out all sounds one usually hears like larks ascending etc.

Time to pull on the over trousers, tuck the map in the pocket and set off.
So talk to you soon
take care

Susan x

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