Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Big steps!!!

Hello tout le monde,

How do you like the french? Didn't know I was that clever did you? Ha!

Anyway, sitting here outside McDonalds because its the only place with a signal and only got twenty minutes left of power time on the laptop so better get on.

Got to Brixham today - very hard walk, lots of steep uphills to contend with and some of the silliest steps yet! There were several steps that came halfway up my thigh and so very nearly defeated me. Think I'm exagerating? Ok, get up and go stand in front of your coffee table, add a couple of books to make it higher. Ready? Now, imagine you have to put one foot up onto those books, there's no other way to go, you're standing on a slope and it's wet, muddy and slippery.There's also a rather alarming drop to one side of you with sticky-out rocks and wet stuff at the bottom. How's it going so far? Oh yes, forgot to mention, there's nothing to hold onto for leverage either, so yes, I moan about big steps but with good reason I think.

Charlie's cooking dinner tonight - salmon, new potatoes and salad. That'll give the people at the new campsite something to wonder at. They keep stopping and staring at us and give us some odd looks which are not entirely pleasant. The last site was friendly, personable and had a nice type of people camped there. This one seems to have a different sort altogether who can only think the worst of anything they find a little different from the norm. Maybe it'll improve, who knows, but we move on after anotther two nights anyway.

Well, gotta go again. For the factoid geeks, it's day 78 and I've walked 487.5 miles. Only 21 days to go, three weeks, whooppee - I'm dreaming of that kettle with a switch and sinking into my comfy bed mmmmm............

Bye all, look after yourselves,

Love, Susan xxx

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