Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Day 63, 385.7 miles done!

Good evening all,

As you can see from the title, we now have a lot of miles under our belts (so to speak).
Walked to Polperro today - I was struggling a bit and then I looked at the South West Coastpath Assoc Guide and discovered that whilst todays stretch of coastline is magnificent, it is also the most challenging on the south coast. That would explain all the puffing and blowing then! I decided to count steps again when I saw a tall flight ahead of me; 119 up, then 20 or so down, then 172 up and then 154 down - you try it and see if you get a bit puffed. The 119 was actuallt the middle third of the slope, so just when you think your achilles tendons are about to explode you start on the stairs and then when your knees are screaming you get back to the achilles tendons. All great fun on a sunny tuesday morning.
Polperro is very quaint, very picturesque and very sure of itself and its beauty, but you can't deny that it is a very nice place. Charlie had to wait for me at the top so I treated Milo and me to a ride on the horse-drawn wagon to the car park. He was quite happy to climb the steps at the back and be made a fuss of by the horsewoman but when we set off he was a bit startled to realise that not only were we moving but that there was a huge beastie out front!
Had more fun and games with campsites as the one we were due to go to tomorrow, when checked on today, suggested we go take a look and see if Charlie would be able to negotiate the steps to the disabled suite!! Hmmm..... think we've found one, not as convenient but ok for Charlie.
Colin is meant to be coming down tomorrow but he might not now; he has pleurisy so he'll see how he feels in the morning and then decide. Charlie was looking forward to seeing a different face for her birthday on saturday - think she's sick of the sight of mine!
Time to beat Charlie at cards again. I'm the bees knees at rummy at the moment asltho I'm sure my luck will change soon.
Milo is a bit lame tonight so I'll see how he is tomorrow and might have to take a detour to a vet between campsites in the morning. At least its only a 5 mile walk tomorrow so should fit it all in.
I'll let you know how he gets on. Mac and Treacle are doing fine. Mac has good days and bad but Treacle just goes along as usual, placid and easy-going as ever.
Charlie's shuffling cards and this typing is giving me cramp in my hands.
Take care all,
Susan x

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