Sunday, 2 May 2010

Par - well below par!

Hi all,

Well, moved again - last campsite was awesome! Tregarton Park, so far the best by far but this one now is coming in a close second. We're at Penmarlam, Bodinnick. Just across the river from Fowey and tomorrow I walk from Par to Fowey. If anyone is tempted to try a holiday in Par - think again, please. With all due respect to those unfortunate enough to live in Par, it's horrid.
Todays walk was very reflective of my destination today. I walked out of Charlestown, along the back of some houses, then along the back of Carlyon Bay Hotel, then spotted Carlyon Bay beach which is totally unusable because its a huge derelict building and a building site for future developement, and then I walked alongside Carlyon Golf course and so to Par where I walked between two high chainlink fences and then along a road - all very scenic!!!

It was a short walk tho, so afterwards we went off to Eden Project, which just gets better and better. There was a quote from Tim Smit, co-founder of Eden, which sums up what I'm doing; I'd rather it said on my tombstone, ' I'm glad I did ', than ' I wish I had '.

Yesterday was Mevagissey to Charlestown, quite a long one, especially on moving day, altho the day before I went a little further to the outskirts of Mevagissey to shorten the moving day load.

Mevagissey is as beautiful as ever but seems to have felt the recession hard - there were quite a few places for sale which of course I made great plans for, just in case my ship comes in, or some handsome and wealthy man should whisk me off my feet! So far, Mevagissey is still my favourite place.

The day before was interesting. Walked thru Gorran Haven and as I passed a house on the way out of the village a lady said good morning and then invited me in for a cuppa - which turned out to be a cup of tea, a piece of cake and a prayer for Charlie and for me! Her name was Doris, she was 87 and still did her own garden, which we sat in overlooking the sea.

Today was Day 61!!!!! That means that the days left are in the thirties which is incredible since we started with 99 to do. Still feeling quite good too. Knees are a bit achy and other bits seize up quicker than they used to, ankles are no longer shapely but rather puffed up and the nose is on about it's seventh peel, so alls well.

Think I'll finish now and beat Charlie at cards. She keeps making 'I'm bored' noises, but its because it takes me so long to type in the half light and she finds my typing speed a bit laughable in normal circumstances anyway.

Colin, big brother, is coming on wednesday to spend a few days with us. It'll be great to see him and to have some company while I'm walking - admittedly Milo always listens and never disagrees but he doesn't really add a great deal to our discussions.

Hope to blog again in a day or so,
Bye for now,
Susan x

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