Monday, 10 May 2010

bodies, birthday and bumps!!!

I just wrote this blog and when I posted it, it disappeared!!!
So, bodies first. We were joined by various bodies this week - first was my big bruvver, Colin, who walked some of the way with me but had a bad knee and pleurisy so had very good excuses for not doing much. Then Mo ( from Rhydwyn) and her sister Janet joined me with puppy Sam. They walked with me from Rame Head then turned back at Kingsand to return to their car. It was great to have some company again and to catch up with everybody.
Then the birthday = Charlie turned 25 on saturday. After I arrived at cremyll we went to my uncles in Yelverton for dinner. It was lovely to see David and Jilly again after so long, diiner was delicious, Charlie's chocolate birthday cake scrummy, and what a treat to sit on comfy chairs and eat at a table with real china and glass!
Sunday was not such a good day. Moving day again, so we packed up early, drove to Cremyll where I caught the ferry and then walked thru Plymouth. Wonderful city full of history, the expected and some unexpected - Did you know Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a doctor in Plymouth before moving to Southsea and writing Sherlock Holmes books? There are bronze plaques with famous quotes from his books set into the pavement all along the road where he practised medicine.
We had decided to do the walk first because the campsite was booked and to go there first would involve a lot of driving. Arrived at Mount Batten Point and set off to find campsite. Hmmm....written in the folder as Vern Farm, turned out to be Venn Farm and a campsite perched on a very steepslope and totally unsuited to a person on wheels. Couldn't find another nearby so decided to go to the next booked site and ask if we could do two extra nights. Long drive later we found the next site - a rough, rutted field with a portacabin affair in the corner, even less suitable for wheelchairs. we sspent a long time phoning and driving and eventually found a site a long way inland. Unfortunately its £20 a night which has eaten in to the budget dramatically but at least we had the tent pitched just before dark,
Oh yes, the bump bit in the title. Slipped on some loose stuff, leg folded up under me and twisted - result, sprained medial ligaments in the right knee. Doc at the hospital advised rest for a few days but then the campsites would all be in the wrong places, we'd finish even later and we already have two extra days at the end and also I think if I stopped everwhere els would seize up and then I'd never getstarted again. So, I've got a strong knee brace that doesn't fit under my trousers so I'll wear it on the outside and look all dramatic and brave.
By the way, it was day 69 today, so only thirty to go - whoopee!!!
Take care all of you and see you all soon,
Love, Susan x

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