Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dogs, docs and a darned sore throat!

Hi all,

It's sunday morning and I'm just waiting for Charlie to finish getting ready and then we'll be off for today's walk.
Yesterday was glorious sunshine as I walked from Salcombe to Lannacombe Bay. It's a spectacular part of the coast here and the boats and the houses and the people are noticeably different too - bigger in the case of the boats and houses, posher in the case of the people! That being said, they are more generous, giving more time to listen to what I have to say and putting notes rather than coins in my collecting box. Met a nice doc yesterday with his wife and mother or mother-in-law. It's sad that he wasn't surprised by what had happened to Charlie, he was disgusted but not surprised. Anyway, told him it was great to meet a good doc and that made two with my brother Chris!
Today I walk around Start Point and on to Torcross. I always imagined Torcross to be a sizeable place but it's not at all. Tomorrow I'll walk along the road between the sea and Slapton Ley which will be flat but interesting - the Ley is an important wildlife reserve.

For those of you wanting facts and figures, today is day 75, and I have now walked 453 miles! Can't believe it's so close to the end already.

Feeling better today - got a nasty sore throat and my glands are big and painful but definitely feeling better than yesterday so the huge doses of orange juice and fresh air are working.

Well, Charlie should be ready by now. I'm sitting on the steps to the loo block at this campsite - its the only place I could get a signal to connect to the internet! It's a great site called Old Cotmore Farm. Couldn't be more different from the last which we were pleased to leave.

Got to bathe Milo's eye before we go too cos it's been very mucky the last few days. We'll have to find a vet if it doesn't clear up soon. Otherwise the dogs are all fine. Treacle is just Treacle, sleeping and wagging her tail in equal measures, Mac has good days and bad days; sometimes he gets scared by a noise he doesn't understand and he'll shake uncontrollably for hours, or 'see' something that terrifies him but at other times he's just like the old Mac.

Time to go walkies.
Take care all,
Love Susan x

Ps Well done Vicky on your Sunshine Cafe - can't wait to visit for a coffee and a bacon sarnie!

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